Terms & Conditions

Deposit & Administrative Fees:

A minimum Administrative Fee of $100.00 is necessary in order to reserve a space. The resident will also be required to pay two weeks rent in the form of a Deposit. The Deposit is refundable upon the completion of the terms of the Cleveland House Commitment Form, subject to any necessary cleaning charges and/or outstanding rent balances. The deposit is refundable solely at the discretion of Cleveland House.

Additional Rent:

All payments are applied first to any outstanding balances and then to any current amounts due. Rent is due on a weekly basis (i.e., from Saturday to Saturday) and is due on the Friday immediately preceding the following rental week. There are no partial refunds available for individuals leaving before the end of the rental week and/or prior to the full term of the rental agreement.

Resident Funds:

The Resident Funds Account is an additional service that Cleveland House provides for our residents. All payments for the Resident Funds Account are subject to an administrative fee, which will be charged in addition to the amounts to be allocated to the individual resident's cash account. Any credits will be refunded upon the completion of the terms of the Residential Lease, subject to any necessary cleaning charges and/or outstanding rent balances.

Partial Refunds:

Any partial refunds are at the sole discretion of Cleveland House and will be made within 30 days electronically to the card or bank account from which they originated. In the event we process a refund, a Refund Notification will be forwarded to the email address that the Registered User (Payee) entered during registration.

Residency Requirements:

2.1 Agree to not use or possess alcohol, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia. 
2.2 Ability to pass a drug and alcohol test and agree to submit to random testing. 
2.3 Agree to continue working a 12-step program by working with a sponsor and attending a minimum of 90 meetings in your first 90 days; thereafter, five meetings a week. 
2.4 Respect the rights, views and property of other residents. Get along with others. 
2.5 Agree to contribute to the cleanliness of the house by doing their chores and picking up after themselves. 
2.6 Agree to abide by all the House Guidelines. 
2.7 Ability to pay rent.

House Rules:

Cleveland House reserves the right to make any and all alterations and/or additions to these guidelines, at anytime. Residents will be given notice, verbally and /or in writing, of any changes and /or addition made herein. 

3.1 Using- Alcohol and drug use or possession is strictly prohibited. Any resident who is found to have used, is under the influence of, or in possessions of alcohol or illicit drugs will be immediately required to move out. ALL RESIDENTS ARE SUBJECT TO RANDOM DRUG SCREENS. 
3.2 Prescription Medication- All prescription medications must be disclosed to management prior to its use on the property. It is the resident’s responsibility to notify management when there is a change to their prescription medication. If a resident is prescribed psychotropic medication, the resident must continue taking them to stay in the house. In all but extreme cases, the use of Controlled/Scheduled substances is strictly prohibited. Any resident fitting such an emergency case, shall notify Cleveland House staff of such medication, and sign a release of information so that we can communicate with all pertinent medical professionals. Again, except in extreme medical emergencies, with prior notification given to Cleveland House, the use of any controlled substance is strictly prohibited, and constitutes grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all paid monies. 
3.3 Violence- Violence or threats of violence will result in eviction. 
3.4 Curfew- Residents are to be in the house no later than 11:00pm nightly. Residents who have remained in good standing for 30 days will be allowed to arrive home as late as 1:00am on Friday and Saturday nights. Weekend passes are also available when agreed upon in advance. Exceptions are made for those working beyond these hours, provided Cleveland House is first notified of the resident’s schedule. 
3.5 Twelve-Step Programs- Residents living at Cleveland House are required to attend all house-sponsored meetings, unless you are working !! 
3.6 Television- TV’s shall be turned off by 12:00am daily and shall remain off until no earlier than 7:00am. 
3.7 Town House- Although the living room of the town house may be enjoyed by all residents of the Cleveland House, you must respect the rights of those that live there. Non- town house residents may not use the kitchen or enter any of the private rooms, or bathroom . Further, the town house is closed to non-town house residents from 10:00PM during the week and 11:00 PM on weekends , The Townhouse will open after 8:00 AM 7 days a week 
3.8 Stereos- Personal stereos are permitted in the house and may be played on a normal level as long as it does not disrupt other persons. 
3.9 House Meetings- Participation in the weekly house meetings is mandatory. Additionally, emergency house meetings may be called at anytime when a situation or management believes it is warranted. 
3.10 Cleaning- A list of chores will be posted in the town house weekly. Residents are asked to complete assigned chores in a timely fashion, Residents are asked to pickup after themselves and clean appliances after they are used. Dishes, cups, utensils are to be washed upon use. Personal belongings and trash shall not be left out in the house. 
3.11 Bedrooms- Residents are expected to keep their bedrooms clean and neat at all times. Beds are to be made each morning. Only those residing in a given room and management may enter that room. 
3.12 Privacy- Residents should not have any expectation of privacy of their bedrooms, personal property, or vehicles parked on the grounds of the Cleveland House. Management has the right to enter any room at any time; search personal property, to include, but not limited to, personally owned vehicles’ and confiscate personal property determined to be either contraband, or a threat against the welfare of the community. 
3.13 Behavior- Residents are expected to behave with decency at all times. No pornography or sexual activity on premises, no cursing, no fighting, and no stealing. This is not all inclusive; our reference is that al acts that are not conducive to recovery are prohibited. Residents are expected to be good neighbors. 
3.14 Guest- Guest are allowed in the house between the hours of 10:00am and 10:00pm. Guests are expected to be clean, courteous, and sober at all times. Guests may not stay overnight. Guests must be escorted by the host resident, who is responsible for the guest while in the house. Guests are only allowed in common areas. Guests are not allowed in any bedroom. 
3.15 Smoking- Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms at any time. Smoking is allowed outside provided that the ashes and butts are disposed of in the proper containers. 
3.16 Eviction- Residents that fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the Cleveland House guidelines will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. If a resident is asked to leave because of violation of these rules, all paid monies will be forfeited. 
3.17 Use of Bicycles- There are several bicycles that are the property of the Cleveland House for the intended use of its residents. However, you must check it out from Alan. After checkout, the bicycle becomes the sole responsibility of the resident checking it out. Locks are provided, so use them. If a bicycle is lost or stolen while in use, the resident will be financially responsible to pay Cleveland House $100.00. 
3.18 Assignment of Room Keys- In order to ensure the safety and security of the Cleveland House residents and/or property, room keys will only be assigned by Alan. Do not lend, trade, copy or otherwise compromise room keys without management’s prior authorization. Further, in order to be assigned a room key, residents are required to pay a $10.00 security deposit for each assigned room key. Upon discharge, the room key deposit will be returned to the resident when they turn in their assigned key to management. Breaking into a locked residence with an unauthorized device (such as a butter knife) vandalizing door or window locks, or any other behavior which compromises the safety and security of the Cleveland House residents and/or property, without management’s prior authorization, will not be tolerated. Such behavior constitutes grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all paid monies. 
3.19 Children under the age of 18- Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times while on the Cleveland House property. Children under the age of 18 may not use the pool unless accompanied by an adult.

Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Terms:

All Internet transactions are final, and are not subject to reversal and/or cancellation. All Internet payment transactions are subject to a Convenience Fee equal to $15.00. This Convenience Fee is disclosed and included in the total payment amount prior to submission of your payment for approval. Note regarding "Save this information" and our "Express Checkout" feature: Cleveland House will not have access to this information. Your bank account and/or card data is encrypted prior to authorization. In exchange, the secure gateway returns a "token" to this payment system which can then be resubmitted with future payments in place of more sensitive information. End-to-End Encryption coupled with Tokenization ensures your data is secure.

By submitting your payment for authorization, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms & conditions as stated herein.